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  Cylinder Models
Amberola 30
Amberola 50
Gem - Full Banner
Gem - Regular
Home - Full Banner
Home - Regular
Home - Suitcase
Standard - Full Banner
Standard - Regular
Standard - Suitcase
Triumph - Full Banner
Triumph - Regular
Disk Models
Diamond Disk - Floor
Diamond Disk - Table
  A note on our prices: We have a reputation for fair pricing. We don't ask for top dollar, but we do need to make a reasonable profit. Because we need to maintain an inventory of high-quality antiques, it's simply not possible for us to match the buys you might find after long hours of searching at a flea market. Please understand this when you make a request. Thanks.


We'll respond within three weeks to let you know if we can help you find the Edison record player you are looking for.


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