Making Connections: 3

It gives us great pleasure to help our clients find antiques.

We had so much fun looking for children's hankies on a recent trip. We had never carried them before, but one of our customers emailed us to ask for some. Here are two examples of what we found. On the right are the "Cool Cats." On the left is a political comic with the verse, "Senator Owl made a speech and Eddy sang a song. Nicky Monk a party gave, it was loud and long."
A very good customer came to see us at the Waterloo Antiques Show. She asked if we had any unusual hatpin holders and I showed her the Nippon Bleriot Airplane holder and the S&V Bear Tower. We had only had them in inventory for two weeks and this was their first showing. She was thrilled to obtain the Airplane holder from us and was like a kid in a candy shop.

The show closed a few hours later and we went home to find an email message waiting for us from this customer. After driving home from the show, she was very sorry to have left the Bear Tower behind and now she wanted that one, too. She is a very lucky lady to have found two such wonderful and rare hatpin holders on one day.

While we were on the road on a buying trip, Al saw this micro-mosaic iris hatpin and just had to buy it. I wasn't sure about it, because the metal work was encrusted with verdigris and I didn't think I could rescue it. It took a lot of careful rubbing and cleaning but it was worth the work. We put it out at our most recent show and it was sold before the show was 2 hours old.

Recently a mesh pocketbook customer who is mesmerized with Mandalians emailed to ask if we ever get any really unusual Whiting and Davis purses with a Mandalian flair. We were happy to send her a jpg of this lovely El-Sah bag. Two hours later she asked us to put it on her charge card and it was mailed out to her the very next day.
We were fortunate to obtain a supurb copy of this Vogue picture record. We had five requests on "want lists" for this item. We wrote a message to describe the condition and price of this record and sent it to all who were seeking this hard-to-locate piece. Within one day, the record was spoken for, charged out, and on its way to its new home.

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