Making Connections: 2

It gives us great pleasure to help our clients find antiques.

We recently sent these eggcups to a collector in the mid-west. As luck would have it, we had just purchased a large collection of figurals when an email came in asking us if we had any unusual eggcups. In 18 years of business,we had never had a hippo or a truck so we knew that they had to rank in the unusual!

These photos are of pieces from a group of more than 2 dozen fruit wallpockets that were shipped to a collector on the west coast.

If you have a collecting theme or specialty, let us know about it. We may be able to help you add to your collection.

This lovely Dresden purse with porcelain beads worked into the fringe was recently sold to advanced collectors in the midwest. They contacted us via email to ask if we had any unusual Dresden bags and we happened to have just bought this one. They were delighted with the colors, size and condition.
A short time ago we bought a small collection of 14 trembler hatpins. An email request came in for tremblers, so we emailed back an image of the five most unusual pins we bought. Our customer loved all five and within a week they were on their way to her.
One Wednesday evening we received an email requesting the Whiting and Davis Charlie Chaplin Bag. We sent back a message telling our customer that this was a rare bag and we had not seen one in person in 18 years of business. But we offered to be on the "lookout" for it, and put the request in our "look for" file. Late Friday afternoon we left on a weekend buying trip, and on Saturday we spotted it! Within one week our customer in California was the proud owner of "Charlie Chaplin."

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